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      Mount Vernon, VA is more than just a quiet suburb of Washington, DC. The Mount Vernon area has grown steadily in recent years as the nation's capital has become more crowded, attracting families looking for a strong community with good schools and plenty of space to expand. Because Mount Vernon has an ample stock of starter homes offered at affordable prices, many of these families are quite young, which in turn has helped boost enrollment at the town's schools and enhanced the whole system's reputation as one of the most innovative in the state. As anyone who lives here will tell you, life in Mount Vernon, VA is good and getting better!

      Nestled in the hills above the Potomac River in southern Fairfax County, Mount Vernon is home to nearly 30,000 people at last count. Mount Vernon, VA neighborhoods are a charming combination of older postwar ranch construction and newer custom-designed luxury houses, with heavy emphasis on the brick accents and stately columns that define mid-Atlantic plantation architecture. Thanks to its outside-the-Beltway location and the lack of development surrounding the town, Mount Vernon's homes are a great value compared to those found further north in Fairfax County. In fact, on a per-square-foot basis, Mount Vernon, VA homes are cheaper than any comparable place in the Washington, DC metro area.

      Resilient home values aren't the only reason things are looking up for Mount Vernon. The area's unemployment rate has remained low through the economic crisis of the late 2000s, staying below five percent even in the depths of the recession and currently near four percent. The best-paying jobs are in the thriving financial and public sectors, attracting young people with advanced degrees from all over the country, and more are added each month as the Washington region expands outward. Mount Vernon's median income, which is over $15,000 higher per capita than the national average and continuing to grow, reflects this insatiable demand for jobs.

      Some rapidly-growing areas suffer from inadequate cultural and community institutions, but not lower Fairfax County. The community of Mount Vernon, VA has benefited from a rapid influx of new residents. The city is home to nearly a dozen parks, including the Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens, which encompasses George Washington's ancestral home and brings thousands of tourists to the area each year. Serving as one of the anchors of Mount Vernon's community life, the Mount Vernon Estate along with other colonial outposts like the Pope-Leighey House and Woodlawn Mansion remind the area's residents of their place in the grand scheme of history.

      The affluent residents of Mount Vernon, VA aren't just looking to the past, of course. Other popular cultural institutions include the Mount Vernon Yacht Club, nestled on a quiet Potomac bay, and Woodlawn Country Club, which claims many of the area's movers and shakers among its members. Add in nearby Northern Virginia Community College and it becomes clear why Mount Vernon, VA is one of the D.C. area's most desirable places to live!  

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Rex Reiley
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